Simple Ideas That Became Successful Startups

Are you a person full of ideas?

Below are some ideas that qualify as Successful Startups. These are not complicated nor do they involve complex thoughts, but just simple ones that simplify your day.



Looking for Ideas?
Get Inspired!


Icon Credits:
Delivery : Jon Trillana
Man at Laundromat : Gan Khoon Lay
Doctor – Lluis Pareras
Smartphone – Lee Mette
Grocery basket – Martin LEBRETON
Pills – Nikita Kozin
Dosa – Dgnies
Sofa – Ismael Ruiz
Lecture – icon 54
Sports Car – Matt Caisley
Residential Building – Creative Stall
Dialog – Reed Enger
Landlord and Tenant – NOPIXEL
Sticky notes – Karthik Srinivas
Indian Rupees – mikicon
Statistics –
Monitor – NOPIXEL
User – Nikita Kozin
Vacuuming –  Luis Prado
Island – Ángel Santos Freyta
Chef – Gan Khoon Lay
Maid – Gan Khoon Lay
Launch – Gregor Črešnar






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